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San Jose CA, the third largest city in California, is the self-proclaimed capital of Silicon Valley. Nestled at the south end of the Bay Area, sheltered by mountains on three sides, San Jose, CA, and its numerous peaceful suburban communities (e.g. Evergreen, Willow Glen, Almaden Valley) offers a huge variety of real estate stock suited for both singles and families seeking  to enjoy California's famed quality of life.   
If you are looking for brand new lofts and condos, head Downtown San Jose, CA, which was recently revitalized with high-rise real estate developments or to Santana Row, famous for its trendy restaurants, hotels, luxury shops and great nightlife.
Authentic and historic San Jose neighborhoods such as Japan town and Naglee Park (East of San Jose University) will attract amateurs of Victorian or Craftsman homes and mansions from the early 1900s.

The San Jose Blog: A blog maintained by San Jose residents for San Jose enthusiasts. A must read for the latest news, info, events and trends in San Jose, CA.

Alum Rock
Central San Jose
South San Jose
San Martin

Almaden Valley Helpful Links

Almaden Valley is a beautiful, suburban neighborhood in the southwestern edge of San Jose, CA. The area is known for its harmony of upscale homes and natural breathtaking views of nearby mountains and hills. Those searching for homes for sale in Almaden are often enamored with the sweeping landscapes, gardens, warm weather and diverse selection of houses and mansions.

The Almaden Valley area in San Jose, CA is bordered by the Almaden Expressway, the Santa Teresa Hills and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Many residents are able to enjoy beautiful views of the Silicon Valley hills from their homes. Almaden Valley is mostly associated with San Jose Zip Code 95120.
The Almaden area gets its name from the New Almaden Mines, named after the city of Almaden, Spain. The mines are now closed, but one can find many references to it, e.g. the Quicksilver Park, which  remain part of the area’s rich history.

Almaden Valley in San Jose encompasses many different attractions and landmarks. Notable parks include the Almaden Meadows Park, the Quicksilver County Park, and the Los Alamitos/Calero Creek Trail. Each of them offer countless outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, golfing and water sports.

Every September, Almaden residents and visitors alike gather for the Art and Wine Festival. The Almaden Country Club is home to the 18th Hole Championship Golf Course and offer fitness activities for the whole family.

Almaden Valley real estate inventory includes a wonderful variety of properties with style and character. They range from old vintage homes with 60's architecture to newly developed large mansions built over the past few years and inhabited by some of Silicon Valley's top executives.

Those in search of homes to buy in Almaden Valley will find this San Jose neighborhood to be an ideal location, with a great mix of home styles, activities for kids and gorgeous natural landscapes.  Be sure to pick a local San Jose Realtor with experience in Almaden Valley when looking to buy homes in this remarkably preserved area of San Jose, CA.

Almaden Valley Community Association: Activities, tips and events of interest for residents and homeowners in Almaden Valley.

Almaden Valley Neighborhood: Almaden Valley Community information site, sponsored by B.C.G.

Almaden Valley Times: Popular newspaper from Almaden Valley.

Willow Glen Helpful Links

Willow Glen in San Jose is former rural community born and organized around the many orchards which used to provide subsistence for its members. Today it is mostly known as a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood  in South West San Jose, Ca. Willow Glen was officially founded in 1927 and was named after the willow trees that grow alongside the Guadalupe river.

Home buyers looking for single family homes in Willow Glen will appreciate its cosy and pedestrian-friendly downtown area where one can indulge in shopping in small boutiques and treating oneself in the many restaurants and cafes with outdoor terraces. Downtown Willow Glen was built around historical landmark homes in San Jose such as the Garden Theater, the Adobe Hall and the Buffington House.
 Homes in Willow Glen in San Jose CA

Willow Glen streets and avenues are safe and peaceful. Willow Glen houses are colorful and neat under the tree lines found in many streets in the area.

Willow Glen homes are rich in architectural diversity with styles ranging from Spanish-ranch to Victorian  and even bungalow-style homes.

Willow Glen enjoys one of the best elementary and secondary school system in San Jose. The downtown area offers a large range of activities and entertainment, day and night, for kids and adults alike from live music to cooking classes, beading lessons, book signing, etc.

Houses for sale in Willow Glen (95125) always attract lots of traffic from home buyers and San Jose Realtors alike. Make sure to hire a local San Jose Realtor who is on top of the latest real estate market trends in the area.

Among all San Jose neighborhoods, Willow Glen definitively succeeds in offering San Jose residents a traditional "Art De Vivre" in the heart of  the Silicon Valley.

The Willow Glen area is principally associated with the San Jose Zip Code 95125.

Downtown Willow Glen: Official page of Downtown Willow Glen.

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association (WGNA): Official page of the community organization dedicated to improving life in Willow Glen.

Willow Glen Neighborhood: Willow Glen community information site, sponsored by B.C. Guides.

Santa Teresa Helpful Links

The Santa Teresa neighborhood in San Jose, CA (95138)  is a relaxed and peaceful suburban district nestled in the shadows of the Santa Teresa Hills in the most southeastern part of San Jose. The Santa Teresa area in San Jose is primarily associated with Zip Codes 95138 but also covers part of 95119, 95123 and 95139.

Santa Teresa homes are surrounded by the Santa Teresa County Park and the Golf Course (East), Almaden Valley (West) and Blossom Valley (North). The Santa Teresa area spreads on both sides of the 15-mile long Santa Teresa Boulevard, starting at Cottle Rd all the way to Morgan Hill, CA and is bordered on the North side by Blossom Hill Road.

Santa Teresa in San Jose is an oasis of beautiful and well-tended 3-4 bedroom houses from the 1970s, aligned along the many clean, quiet and palm tree-lined streets branching out of Santa Teresa Boulevard.

Buyers looking for homes in Santa Teresa (95138) are able to enjoy a relaxed and suburban way of life, only minutes away from great hiking, golfing, horseback riding and sightseeing opportunities throughout the hills and trails of Santa Teresa County Park.

Santa Teresa is easily accessible from Highway 85 and is very convenient for commuters to East San Jose (Monterey Road, Tully Road, etc), Gilroy, Morgan Hill (South) and Los Gatos (West) in particular. Santa Teresa enjoys little traffic outside of its main artery (Santa Teresa Boulevard), which makes it very safe for children playing outdoors.

Santa Teresa is part of the Oak Grove School District and includes Santa Teresa Elementary, Santa Teresa High School and Bernal Intermediate School. Part of Santa Teresa also overlaps with the Morgan Hill School District and includes Los Paseos Elementary, Martin Murphy Middle Schools as well as two well known High Schools (Ann Sobrato High and Live Oak High, both located in Morgan Hill).

Homes for sale in Santa Teresa (95138) are favored by San Jose families looking for an outdoorsy way of life on the edge of San Jose, ideally located between great natural landscapes, good schools and convenient shopping (Oakridge Mall).

Be sure to choose a local Real Estate Agent with experience in this quiet and peaceful neighborhood in San Jose, CA.

Santa Teresa County Park: Official page of the Santa Teresa County Park on the Santa Clara County website.

Cambrian (San Jose) Helpful Links

Among all San Jose neighborhoods, the Cambrian Park neighborhood, also known as Cambrian, is one of the fastest rising neighborhoods but still offers today some of the best deals on the real estate market of San Jose.

Conveniently nested between Campbell, Willow Glen, Los Gatos and Almaden Valley, homes for sale in Cambrian are sought after by families looking for spacious homes in a suburban environment, only 10-15 minutes away from the popular and lively downtown areas of Willow Glen and top schools of Los Gatos, CA.

Cambrian offers a great diversity of houses for sale, with a mix of old homes and well maintained new developments in varied neighbor- hoods which stretch from the cosy streets of Foxworthy Avenue to the busy Union Ave. and Camden Avenue.

The Cambrian area in San Jose, CA, enjoys a great public schooling system, split in four districts, with many schools consistently receiving top API scores over the past few years.

Cambrian is also well known for its historical shopping center (Cambrian Park Plaza), with many little boutiques for everyone's needs (dry cleaning, kids clothing, jewelers, beauty salons, etc). The Cambrian Park Plaza Shopping Center is also famous for its Farmers' Market, which is  held every Wednesday between May and October.

Home buyers interested to buy a home in Cambrian in San Jose will appreciate in particular the easy access to the major highways of San Jose (Highway 85, 17) which makes commuting very convenient to and from the major hubs of Silicon Valley as well as Santa Cruz.

Be sure to pick a local San Jose Real Estate Agent with experience in Cambrian to find your dream home in one of the rising neighborhoods of San Jose, CA.

Homes For Sale in Cambrian (San Jose): Tips about homes for sale in Cambrian in San Jose, by Sophia Delacotte, Realtor for Coldwell Banker and area expert of Cambrian, San Jose CA.

Blossom Valley Helpful Links

Blossom Valley is an popular and affordable suburban neighborhood in the south part of San Jose, CA, bordered by Santa Teresa and Almaden Valley (South), Cambrian (West) and Edenvale (East), which spreads equally over San Jose Zip Codes 95123 and 95136.

Blossom Valley in San Jose, CA, which has a rich agricultural history, is one of the largest neighborhoods of San Jose with many un-built open green spaces and parks (e.g. Thousand Oaks, Vista Park, Terrell Park). Blossom Valley offers its residents convenient access to all major San Jose Highways (87, 101, 85) and beautiful views of the Santa Teresa hills and County Park and the lights of the Santa Clara Valley at night.

The Blossom Valley area in San Jose, CA, is favored by major San Jose shopping and entertainment hubs such as the Auto Mall, Oakridge Mall (alongside Blossom Hill Rd) Capitol 6 Drive In Theaters and the new Village Oaks shopping center near the Kaiser Hospital off Cottle Road sitting on the site of the former IBM plant.
Thanks to the proximity of Almaden and Santa Teresa parks, homeowners in Blossom Valley have access to many outdoor activities as well as the sporting facilities of Oak Grove High, home to some of the best athletic teams in Silicon Valley.

Houses for sale in Blossom Valley are ideal for families in search of space, convenience and affordability in San Jose, CA, while remaining only a short drive away from shopping centers.
The majority of the homes for sale in Blossom Valley (in the 95136 San Jose zip code in particular) were built over the past 25 years. Over the recent years, very large new developments have risen creating new neighborhoods such as the Palmia Community, Avenue One and the Tuscany Hill Villa close to the San Jose Fairgrounds.
Those in search of homes for sale in Blossom Valley will find this San Jose neighborhood to be an ideal location to raise kids.

Make sure to select a local San Jose Realtor with a track record of buying and selling in Blossom Valley to help you find the best housing deals in this family friendly neighborhood of San Jose, CA

Homes For Sale in Blossom Valley: Everything you need to know about schools, real estate market trends, shopping, news, listings for sale in Blossom Valley by a local Blossom Valley Realtor in San Jose, CA.

San Jose Helpful Links

Other Santa Clara County Cities

The city of Campbell is situated 52 miles south from San Francisco. Campbell sits in the southern portion of the Santa Clara Valley, with Highway 17 passing through eastern Campbell and Highway 85 to its south. 

The city was original agricultural with mostly orchard lands. Heritage of  this non residential  and more agricultural orientated past the city of Campbell has lots parks. Among the biggest parks are the Los Gatos Creek County Park and the John D. Morgan Park. The city of Campbell also has numerous other smaller public parks that include, Campbell Park, Edith Morley Park, Jack Fischer Park, Orchard City Green, and Stojanovich Family Park. As of today, the Dubcich farm located on West Campbell Avenue is Campbell's last remaining piece of agricultural property. The historic downtown section of the City of Campbell sits just west of the railroad in the central area.  

Today, Campbell is a suburban residential neighborhood with shopping malls, sports amenities , cinemas and a hodgepodge of ethnic restaurants and mom-and-pop stores. The most famous shopping Center is the Pruneyard which is also home to the FBI offices for South Bay.

Campbell residential real estate is characterized by avenues with wide, tree-lined streets with ranch-style and Eichler homes. These residences are mostly single-family homes with one or two bathrooms and three or four bedrooms. There are also pockets of newer, much larger homes mostly built in the 1990s. More recently, the Campbell housing market added a numbers of new townhouses and condominiums communities.

There most popular neighborhoods in the city of Campbell are: Avalon, Bonnett, Bascom, Central Park, Downtown Campbell, Dry Creek, Hacienda, Hamilton, Joseph, Pruneyard, Rolling Hills, San Tomas, Sheffield Phantom, South Campbell, Timber Cove, Vizcaya, Westchester Park and White Oaks.
Although Campbell is not a major high-tech city like many of its neighbors, Campbell is the original home of eBay and of its creator, Pierre Omidyar  who founded the company in 1995. Campbell homeowners and renters mostly work in scientific and technical services as well as in retail.

Overall, the city of Campbell attracts lots of potential buyers as the city is easy to commute from and to. Campbell is served by several major roads such as State Route 17 and 85 as well as San Tomas Expressway. The City of Campbell offers several local and express bus lines that link the community to nearby towns, such as Cupertino, Los Gatos, Palo Alto San Jose, Santa Clara and Saratoga. The town is also served by three light rail stations : Hamilton Station, Downtown Campbell Station and Winchester Station.

Those in search of homes for sale in Campbell will find this neighborhood to be the perfect balance between urban and suburban leaving. Make sure to select a local San Jose Realtor to help you find the best housing deals in this neighborhood.

The city of Cupertino is a city situated just west of San Jose. It was incorporated on October 10, 1955 and is famously known as the home of Apple Inc.'s global headquarters as well as numerous other famous High Tech companies such as, Lab126, Packeteer, Chordiant, Seagate Technology, IBM and Oracle. As a result, a fifth of the city’s workers are computer specialists. Cupertino is also one of the wealthiest and most educated small cities in the United States according to Forbes.

Some claims that Cupertino was named after Arroyo San José de Cupertino (now Stevens Creek). Others  consider that Cupertino was named after the town of Copertino in the Apulia region of Italy and that the name Cupertino first became widely used when John T. Doyle, a San Francisco lawyer and historian, named his winery "Cupertino". 

The city is known for its great school system and was even ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most educated small towns in the country. Cupertino is made up of numerous subdivisions, with a majority of them developed in the early 1960's. In a thumbprint of a past modern architecture, there's also a huge area in Cupertino that is home to almost 225 Eichler homes.

Cupertino is a great place to buy a home and raise a family. Its cultural and outdoor amenities are simply amazing.

For instance, the De Anza College theater called the Flint Center is well known in the Valley for its music performances by elite orchestras as well as a for its numerous professional performers and groups shows.

The Cupertino Historical Society has a museum at the Cupertino Community Center, located next to Memorial Park, which houses the Cupertino Veterans Memorial as well as an amphitheater that hosts events such as summer movies and Free Shakespeare in the Park.

There are two famous outdoor events in Cupertino namely the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in April and the Shakespeare in the Park. 

Cupertino offers many beautiful parks from large areas with expansive lawns to smaller neighborhood parks. Linda Vista, Monta Vista, Memorial, and Portal  are among the most visited ones. All of the parks in Cupertino offer family picnic areas. 

The most popular neighborhoods in Cupertino are: Calvert, Creston, Downtown Cupertino, Fairgrove/ Eichler, Faria, Garden Gate, Homestead Villa, Inspiration Heights, Jollyman/Faria, Monta Vista, South Montebello Rd, North Blaney, Oak Valley, Rancho Rinconada, Sterling - De Anza, Vallco, Wilson Park and Woodspring.

Two of the newest housing areas of Cupertino were developed outside of the city's boundaries in the 1950s but most of Cupertino's residential real estate properties were built  between 1960 and 1961. The neighborhood of Seven Springs situated at the Southern tip of Cupertino was developed in the 1980s and the Rancho Rinconada neighborhood was built and annexed to the city in 1999. The newest and most northern neighborhoods such as Oak Valley and  other new developments were developed around the year 2000 and after.

With its Below Market Rate (BMR) Residential Housing Program the City of Cupertino is also making great efforts to generate affordable housing for home buyers. BMR for-sale units are made available to moderate and median-income potential home buyers.

Those in search of homes for  Cupertino, will find this city to be an ideal location to leave in a place were excellence is the norm. Make sure to select a local San Jose Realtor to help you find the best housing deals in this neighborhood.

The city of Morgan Hill is located at the southernmost base of Silicon Valley, Morgan Hill is a city situated between San Martin and San Jose. It was incorporated on November 10, 1906 and is named after an early landowner, Hiram Morgan Hill.

The city lies on land that was once inhabited by the Matalan tribe.

The 1st school was built in 1894, but was soon outgrown and in 1907 a new elementary school and high school were constructed. Then in 1924 architect William H. Weeks designed and built a new grammar school, selling the old Morgan Hill Grammar School Building to the Morgan Hill Grange Association.

By the 1920s, the city was known for its agricultural products including prunes, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, walnuts, and almonds. The region boasted prosperous vineyards until Prohibition demanded that production temporarily cease.

Around the 1950s, Morgan Hill experienced an economic transformation from an agricultural center to a suburban residential community. Growth began to accelerate rapidly in the 1970s as Silicon Valley developed and workers were attracted to Morgan Hill’s small-town atmosphere, sense of community and reasonable housing prices.
Outdoor activities are abundant in Morgan Hill and include such Bay Area staples as Anderson Lake County Park, Coyote Creek Parkway and Henry W. Coe State Park, the second-largest park in California.

Morgan Hill attracts more and more new homeowners willing to commute north for work as well as retirees  who are looking to purchase real estate properties with for bigger living spaces and lots  for less.

The city of Gilroy

The city of Gilroy is located at the southernmost base of Santa Clara County. Gilroy is a city situated between San Martin and San Juan Bautista. It was incorporated on March 12, 1870 and is named after Scottish seaman John Gilroy.

During the 20th Century while the agriculture business was booming, the city of Gilroy was also expanding. In 1906, a large crowd celebrated the opening of Gilroy’s new City Hall at Sixth and Monterey Streets; it housed Gilroy’s first public library, a jail, the courtroom and judge’s chambers, and the city’s early police and fire departments. 

During the 20th Century while the agriculture business was booming, the city of Gilroy was also expanding. In 1906, a large crowd celebrated the opening of Gilroy’s new City Hall at Sixth and Monterey Streets; it housed Gilroy’s first public library, a jail, the courtroom and judge’s chambers, and the city’s early police and fire departments.

In the latter half of the 20th century Gilroy’s economy shifted from an agricultural base to an urban service oriented community.  City services, which were limited and to high degree volunteer, were now staffed by paid professionals.  Gilroy’s schools were consolidated into a single district now encompassing thirteen public schools.

The city is famous for its production of garlic. Gilroy has captured the nickname "Garlic Capital of the World" and coordinates the Gilroy Garlic Festival, one of the largest food festivals in the US. The Gilroy Garlic Festival is held annually on the last weekend of July.

In addition to the Garlic Festival, Gilroy has other family activities and destinations including but not limited too Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear Ranch and Gilroy Gardens, a garden themed family amusement park.

Who lives in Gilroy?

The city of Los Altos is located at the southern end of the San Francisco Peninsula. Los Altos is a city situated between Mountain View and Los Altos Hills. It was incorporated on December 1, 1952 and is Spanish for "the heights."

Originally Los Altos was an agriculture town with many summer homes and apricot orchards. Today the city of around 30,000 residents is a very affluent bedroom community with two of the most expensive ZIP codes in the US.

The history of modern Los Altos dates back to 1906, when Paul Shoup, a Southern Pacific Railroad executive, formed the Altos Land Co. with friends. The group purchased 140 acres of land between Palo Alto and Mountain View owned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle. The company planned a new town to serve the new Southern Pacific Railroad cutoff between Mayfield and Los Gatos and named it "Los Altos" (Spanish for "the heights") because the land was the highest on that cutoff.

In March 1907, at an outdoor land sale sponsored by the Altos Land Company, prospective buyers attended a promotional BBQ and purchased the first town lots. The site of the sale, near today's intersection of Foothill Expressway and Main Street, was the focal point of the new town. The town's name gradually spread informally to identify a much larger unincorporated area served by the Los Altos School District formed in 1910, including what is today Los Altos Hills and portions of other neighboring towns.

This larger community's population exploded after World War II, and on December 1, 1952, an expanded Los Altos became the eleventh city in Santa Clara County. As a result of decreased interest in train travel due to the wide adoption of the automobile, the Southern Pacific Railroad, an essential part of the town's founding, ceased operation here in 1964, and its right-of-way became Foothill Expressway.

Due to its close proximity to Silicon Valley, some notable tech icons have called Los Altos home including Andrew Grove, co-founder and former CEO of Intel or Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

The city of Los Gatos is located at the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos is a city situated between Monte Sereno and San Jose.

The town of Los Gatos (Spanish for the cats) was founded in the mid-1850s with the building of flour operation plants along Los Gatos Creek. The Los Gatos Creek begins in the Santa Cruz Mountains south of the town and runs through the town parallel to Highway 17 all the way through neighboring Campbell and San Jose to the Guadalupe River, which flows into San Francisco Bay. 

The town was incorporated in 1887 and remained an important town for the logging industry in the Santa Cruz Mountains through the end of the 19th century. In the early 20th century, the town became an agricultural town with fruits being grown in the area.  Los Gatos became a suburban community for San Jose in the 1950s, and the town was mostly built-out by the 1980s.

Los Gatos has seen several industries flow through the city limits including logging, rail transportation and even oil drilling. But today the city is influenced by neighboring Silicon Valley and has many high tech companies calling it home, most notably Netflix.

Outdoor activities are abundant in Los Gatos and include such destinations as La Rinconada Country Club, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Heintz Open Space and Vasona Park. In addition to the traditional recreation activities you'll find at Vasona Park, patrons can experience the Fantasy of Lights during the holiday season. The Fantasy of Lights transforms the park into a winter wonderland with a light display that is unequalled in the Bay Area.

Downtown Los Gatos has retained and restored many of its Victorian-era homes and commercial buildings and is famous for its boutiques and restaurants.

Today Los Gatos is home to families who are looking for the European small town flair.  Homes for sale are generally expensive as  the ranking from its public schools is one of the highest in the county.

The city of Mountain View is named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Mountain View originated as a stagecoach stop in 1850 on the route between San Francisco and San Jose. The town's was mostly agricultural  until the middle of the 20th century. After World War II, the city grew thanks to the development of the aerospace and electronics industries.

Today, Mountain View is home to many high technology companies such as Google, Mozilla Foundation, Symantec, Symphony Teleca…. Its top employers are Google, El Camino Hospital, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, LinkedIn and Intuit.

The joint civil-military Moffett Field is home to NASA  Ames Research Center and the Air National Guard.

Mountain View is the fourth most populated city in Silicon Valley. More than  half of the population  is between  20 and 44 years old. Mountain  View  is  predominantly  home  to  single/ high-tech professionals, young families, and students. During the high-tech boom, a number of small, single-family units, condominiums and townhouses were added to the housing pool. The building frenzy continues today, especially in the downtown area. As a result, apartments predominate the residential housing market. Mountain View  has  more  apartments than single-family homes (mostly Craftsman-style  bungalows and some Eichler properties).

Among Mountain view landmarks you will find:

The Shoreline Park which includes the Shoreline Amphitheatre, the Shoreline Golf Course, as well as the Rengstorff House. The mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre hosts popular musicians and festivals;

Eagle Park, which holds a public swimming pool, dog-friendly lawn, and a World War II war memorial;

The Computer History Museum, home to the largest and most significant collection of computing artifacts in the world;

The Historic Adobe Building, an events center on Moffett Boulevard, listed in the National Register of Historic Places;

The Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, located in a newly rebuilt downtown area centered around Castro and Church streets.

Downtown ,Castro Street,  with its restaurants, bars, and shops, is the pulsing center of activity. The most prominent neighborhoods in Mountain View are: Downtown Mountain View, Grant, Miramonte, North Bayshore, North Shoreline, Rengstorff, San Antonio, Sylvan Dale, Thompson and Whisman.

Those in search of homes for sale in Mountain View will find this place to be an ideal location to live, entertain and work at the same !

The city of  Palo Alto sits in northwest corner of Santa Clara County. It was established by Leland Stanford Sr. when he founded Stanford University on Stanford's previous Palo Alto farm.

The city got its name from a tall coast redwood tree, named El Palo Alto, which still stands on the east bank of San Francisquito Creek near its intersection with El Camino Real. The name Palo Alto comes from the Spanish words meaning "tall tree."

During the 20th century Stanford University and Palo Alto continued to grow.  In 1925 the town of Mayfield was annexed to the larger Palo Alto.  Palo Alto survived the Depression years in the 1930s in better shape than most of the country.  The major business of the town was the University and professors and staff continued to teach and do research.  Their modest salaries were spent in the community keeping merchants and the townspeople in business.

Palo Alto grew tremendously in the 15 years following the end of World War II.  The opening of the Stanford Industrial Park in the mid-1950s brought thousands of new residents and commuters to jam inadequate streets. The Stanford Medical Center relocated to Palo Alto from San Francisco in 1959.

With Time, Palo Alto cemented its place as a leader in science and technology when William Hewlett and David Packard lived and worked together from 1938 to 1940 at the now-famous Hewlett-Packard House and Garage.  It was during this short period of time that they created their first successful HP computer products that would ultimately make Palo Alto the nucleus for the creation of Silicon Valley, the first high-technology region in the world. 

Thousands of new homes were built to house the growing number of people working in Palo Alto.  The population more than doubled from 25,000 to 55,000 by1960.  Joseph Eichler and other contractors sold out their new subdivisions as fast as they could build them. Palo Alto opened elementary schools at the rate of one per year in the 1950s, plus two new junior high schools and two new high schools in the mid-1960s.

Though the City must constantly work to keep pace with its rapidly growing businesses and population, Palo Alto is still beating strong in the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Due to its desirable location and sought after quality of life, Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in the United States. Its residents are also among the most educated in the country.

The city of Santa Clara is located 45 miles southeast of San Francisco. Santa Clara is at the epicenter of Silicon Valley and is home to many well-known tech giants including Intel. It was incorporated on July 5, 1852 and was named after the Spanish mission that was established on the land in 1777.

The city is the site of Levi's Stadium. It’s also the scene of many high-profile music concerts and many other large entertainment events.

Santa Clara is also the site of Santa Clara University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of California. It was established in 1851 and has remained in its original location for the last 165 years.

Santa Clara is also home to the California's Great America, amusement park nearby is the Santa Clara Convention Center. The city also offers several museums (the Intel Museum, Triton Museum of Art, and the Harris - Lass historical house), an award-winning library, sports facilities such as the International Swim Center where numerous swimmers who represented the team US during the Olympics train. Santa Clara also has numerous parks such as the Bowers, Central, Carmichael parks.

Santa Clara is a vibrant city, with an international airport as well as easy accessibility to public transportations such as the CAL train to San Francisco and its real estate park is still growing with several new constructions projects conducted over the recent year not to mention the total rehabilitation of the city center.

The most popular neighborhoods in the City of Santa Clara are: Alta Mira Bracher Park, Cascade Park, Central Park,  West, Central Santa Clara, College Camino Hilma, De La Cruz Boulevard, Forest Park, Fremont Park, KB Toscana, Kentfield, Kimberlin, Lake Santa Clara, Lawrence Expressway, Monastery Gardens, Monroe/Cabrillo, Montague, Moreland, North of Robinson, Oakmead,Old Quad, Primavera, Pruneridge, Rivermark, San Thomas Woods, San Tomas Creek, South Park, Summerwood, Talavera, Westwood Oaks, Willow Springs and Woodsborough.

Those in search of homes in Santa Clara will find this city to be a place of many opportunities (culture, amusement parks, outdoor activities or sports) as well as a great place to leave alone or will a family.

The city of Saratoga is located on the west side of the Santa Clara Valley. Saratoga is an affluent city with a touch of high-end boutiques and wineries. It was incorporated on October 22, 1956 and was originally named McCarthysville when it was founded by Martin McCarthy.

Throughout the 1900s, as orchards were replaced by homes and the palatial estates of the valley's wealthy businessmen and politicians. One of the most impressive of these is Villa Montalvo, established in 1912 by United States Senator James Phelan, and now a hub for Saratoga's art and music scene.

The valley's shift towards suburban and urban living in the years after World War II cemented Saratoga's status as a residential community and its reputation as an excellent place to live. In 1956, wary of potential annexation plans from San Jose, the residents of Saratoga voted to incorporate and establish their own City government.

Today, Saratoga is vastly different from the town that Campbell and McCarty started over 150 years ago, but it remains a thriving community. The industry and most of the orchards may be gone, but the city retains the character of a small town tucked away in the trees of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Saratoga has a large art and wine community with such remarkable venues as Villa Montalvo, Hakone Gardens and Mountain Winery.

The city has some of the most expensive real estate in the country and is home to many executives from nearby Silicon Valley tech companies. It has also been home to several actors and film executives, most notably Steven Spielberg, who attended Saratoga High School.

The city of Sunnyvale is located in the middle of Silicon Valley. Sunnyvale is the seventh most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was incorporated on December 24, 1912 and is bordered by Mountain View, Santa Clara and Cupertino. It lies along the historic El Camino Real and Highway 101.

As part of California's high-tech area known as Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale is the headquarters location of many technology companies and is a major operating center for many more. It is also home to several aerospace/defense companies.

The city offers easy access to transportation with CalTrain having a major stop in the center of town. Additionally Sunnyvale lies conveniently between highway 101 and 280 and is only 15 minutes from Minesota San Jose International Airport.

Sunnyvale is also one of the safer cities in the country. Many believe this is due to their unique approach to public safety. Sunnyvale is one of the few cities in the country that has a unified department of public safety. This means every public safety employee is trained as a firefighter, police officer and EMT. They can respond to any crisis, in any capacity. 

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What my clients are saying  

I first met Sophia a few years back at a financial gathering that my wife and I were invited to. She sat at our table and was smart, energetic, and engaging. So when my brother passed away and his duplex went into probate, our family lawyer suggested her and I immediately decided to go with her experience. That was a decision that made life much easier for me and my family. She led every step of the process with integrity, energy and know-how. We didn't want to put money into the duplex so she helped get it ready to sell and she coordinated the resources that made it look so much better. She took me through all the paperwork with ease, constantly updated me on the process, and gave me a lot of confidence that everything was being done professionally. The place sold way over what I thought it would with multiple offers. If I need a realtor again, I would not hesitate to work with her, and I would recommend her to others.


~ Jake. V - Seller

Sophia Delacotte staged, listed, and sold my condo. An incredible experience. Sophia was thorough timely efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.


~ Mimi H. - Seller

Sophia is an expert in her field and a gem to work with! She is highly detail-oriented, proactive, efficient, and comes to the table prepared, and with solutions that reflect her years of experience and resources. Her background in law was especially useful for our situation. We enjoyed her direct approach and the way that she gains trust through follow-through and action that reflects her extensive knowledge and stature in the industry. We would recommend Sophia and use her again if given the opportunity! Thank you, Sophia, for making the sale of our home as smooth and painless as possible!


~ Noelle &Chris B. - Sellers

Sophia is an outstanding real estate professional! She is thorough, diligent, incredibly knowledgeable, and represents her customers with integrity. I reached out to Sophia because she had amazing reviews and she impressed me from our initial meeting all the way through to closing. She was able to sell my home for the price I wanted, and I don’t think it would have been possible without her help. She drove the entire process but was always available if I had questions or wanted to discuss anything associated with the sale of my home. Sophia turned a potentially stressful high-dollar real estate transaction into an enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend Sophia and I would hire her again for my real estate needs.


~ Fardin Y. - Home Seller

Sophia was extremely helpful in the process of purchasing a condo. We did a lot of the search long-distance and she was excellent at picking places that prioritized the needs I had expressed over our phone calls. She was also extremely helpful in coordinating with the title company and the loan officer in order to ensure a smooth buying process. I really appreciate her hard work and diligence throughout the process.


~ Morgan M. - First Time Home Buyer

Buying a property is very exciting but also stressful and Sophia was the perfect partner who lead us to great success. Having a competent and trustworthy agent by your side like Sophia is THE key to success. She would know where to look for potential red flags when touring houses or checking disclosures. She helped us prioritize the important features we wanted in a house. She would finalize the whole offer within a day or two, highlighting the key aspects with their implications, and take the time to explain her recommendations to us. She would double/triple-check to make sure everything looks good. She stood by us at every single step of the process until we officially became homeowners! Her work ethic, amazing negotiation skills, dedication to customers, combined with her background in law, made us confident that we could not have found anybody better. And did I mention that her blog is an incredibly useful resource for first-time buyers?


~ Damien K- First Time Home Buyer

My wife and I have sold two homes with Sophia. She raises the bar so high, that I can't imagine calling anyone else. At the same time, she takes the time to explain everything. She works out a strategy for each property and explains her thinking for every aspect. She knows the ins and outs of real estate -- what is and isn't worth time, effort, and money. At the end of every deal, I've always been glad she's on our side. Especially after seeing the closing price. My last sale was a property that was part of a trust, and she helped make sure I had everything needed to make that sale go as smoothly as possible. Bottom line: I simply cannot recommend Sophia highly enough. She is a true partner for her clients, taking on much of the stress around a sale, and working tirelessly through every aspect of a real estate negotiation. Her knowledge, guidance, and tenacity are invaluable. You will be glad she's on your side.


~ Brent M. - Seller

We were extremely pleased working with Sophia on a sale of our Willow Glen home. She made a sound market analysis, developed a sale strategy, made recommendations on what upgrades were worth making and what not, provided excellent help with a staging, guided us on all stages of the process, and negotiated a sale bringing us $180k over the asking price and free one month rent back. We can highly recommend Sophia for anyone's real estate needs. She is highly professional, and her vast knowledge of the field, including legal aspects, unique negotiating skills, work ethics, experience and complete dedication make her a top notch realtor, head and shoulder above your average Silicon Valley real estate agent. She can be trusted to match and exceed your goals.


~ Alex & Rachel S. - Homeowners

We felt very fortunate to have Sophia on our side during a recent "long-distance" real estate purchase. I see other reviewers using terms like "relentless," "devoted," and "detail-oriented" which are also true but don't fully describe her. This is closer: Sophia is like having another you, except she knows what she's doing, she is everywhere at the same time, and she seems to be able to devote all of her enormous energy to tracking the complex pieces of the deal and getting your problem solved. Sophia may have been more invested in our transaction than I was! Whenever some issue presented itself my wife would ask "what are we going to do about that?" I'd say "I told Sophia." Done. In short, you can fumble through a huge transaction and hope that you are doing everything properly and aren't getting cheated or missing something or making or a huge mistake, or you can hire Sophia.


~ Tim F. - Buyer Investment Property

Everyone who works with Sophia says to you that she is relentless, detail-oriented, and not shy to put on pressure so that things get done. Sophia worked with us on finding a home back in June 2020 and by November we've moved into a place we're really happy about. She was understanding about our preferences, patient about the search, and prepared to spend months with us until the right house showed up that checked all the boxes. She also let us explore midsummer when we started wondering about other neighborhoods or living situations. Where Sophia really distinguished herself was once we put an offer on a place that we were really serious about. She was available all night and day (she even stayed up with us calling the mortgage broker and the selling agent at 10:30 at night until we had confirmation). Sophia, we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for your kindness and your persistence.


~ Christian B. - First Time Home Buyer

We can't say anything but the best about our buying experience with Sophia as our agent. We had come across some new developments in Hayward and fell in love with the plans and finishes at Sohay and it happens that a friend of ours lived there. Long story short, he connected us with Sophia and the process was smoother than butter. Sophia was all over the developer with moving things along, even during shelter-in-place and provided us with timely responses. She also didn't balk when we had stupid first homebuyer questions. From what I hear, since we bought "new" the process may be a bit easier. None-the-less, it was complicated to us but Sophia made the entire contract, loan process and finally closing, palatable with her guidance. I'd recommend her as anyone's agent (buying or selling), we'll definitely be working with her in the future. Thanks so much again Sophia!


~ Norman D. - First Time Home Buyer

This is our 5th transaction with Sophia and she delivers every time! Her marketing to sell our property was outstanding and she is always pro-active in making sure that all the parties involved (title company, other agents, loan officers) respected the deadlines to close on time.


~ Sean M. - Buyer/Seller

Sophia was recommended by the lawyer for my dad's estate because we might encounter inchoate legal issues. Instead, we encountered a pandemic that slowed and complicated every aspect of the process, but Sophia proved adept with that too. She used the period of enforced idleness to thoroughly research the market for an old house in a unique neighborhood and zeroed in on just the right asking price to suit my needs under the difficult circumstances. When we were finally able to list the property, it sold in less than a week for more than we asked, without contingencies, to just the right people for our family home. Sophia has an excellent team (inspectors, cleaners, repair people, photographers, office staff) that whipped things into shape efficiently, and her good reputation with other realtors and title companies led to a smooth operation without delays. Everyone is happy about the results, I'm relieved and grateful for Sophia's expert guidance throughout, and she made it seem so easy!


~ Maureen A. - Trustee Sale

Sophia is one of a kind agent. Unlike many agents out there who only care about their commission, Sophia truly cares about her clients' interests. She is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and detailed oriented. She guided us throughout the whole process carefully and patiently and made everything easy for us. She did not count her time to respond to all of our questions, to help us with the staging of our home (which was challenging during Covid-19 time) and to review all the documents one by one with us diligently. She is AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone who is looking for a top notch agent. She is a true professional, loyal and a genuinely nice person.


~ Julie A. - Relocation

We've been extremely pleased with Sophia's help in selling our house. Her deep, data-backed expertise of the Bay Area real estate business combined with her attention and care for her clients make her the perfect real estate agent. Sophia takes pride in being fully transparent and frank with her clients, while at the same time fighting for the best possible outcome for them. We couldn't recommend her more highly to people wanting to sell their Bay Area house


~ Raphael L. - Seller

Sophia is the BEST! We recently decided to sell our home of 41 years and move to a bigger place. We were both dreading this process as we'd had only one other experience buying real estate and neither of us remembered much about it! We bought the first house new, and had no experience at all at selling. Sophia was on top of everything, at all times, and made the entire process much smoother than either my husband or I had anticipated. Her legal background and extensive knowledge of the real estate world made everything so easy for us. She took the worry out of our sale, and made buying this next house a pleasure. She really knows her stuff, and as someone else here said, she reads every word of every contract or legal document! She is good at explaining things as well. We could not have asked for a better experience, and are so glad we found Sophia. You will be very glad you chose her too!


~ Lois G. Purchase Contingent to Sell of Her Home

Sophia represented me when I was selling my property. She is the consummate professional. She had a clear plan and was very good with communication and follow-up. She produces results and I was very satisfied with the sales price. Highly recommended.


~ Cara A. - Investment Property

Sophia is an excellent Realtor. We found her by referral made by our family Lawyer. She took the stress out of old memories and made the sale of my Fiancé's family home fun. Excellent suggestions on the home remodeling being sold led to the highest sale in the neighborhood at the time. It also led to my condo sale 2 years later that just closed today. We used her again with the same results as in the past. My brother is now utilizing her skills to sale his home of 40 years and purchase a new country home. She became like part of our little family of 3 and we enjoyed her visits.


~ Stefen G. - Seller

Buying a home is stressful, meeting Sophia was a blessing. With our busy schedules she kept us focused and worked too many late nights with us "sorry Sophia" with us on offers. She was the calming factor for us during inspections and negotiations. When we did find the right house, we had a great team, but if it wasn't for Sophia overseeing everything and keeping everyone in the loop, I know we would have had undue stress that we didn't need. Sophia truly goes above an beyond. We owe her a lot


~ Lisa B. - Foreclosure Purchase

I live in New Hampshire and became the trustee of my aunt's estate in California. I was out in CA for a week to find the best real estate agent to sell her place which involved working with a trust and a long distance seller. Sophia won the listing. She was nothing short of amazing. She had the place listed within a week and offers within the month. She took care of everything. I am so grateful to her for making this process as simple as it could be. I highly recommend her.


~ Lynn W. - Trustee Sale in Senior Community

Sophia is foremost a professional who is skilled at negotiating for the benefit of her clients. We were truly and pleasantly surprised by the conditions she was able to negotiate for us on top of selling the property under an accelerated timeline. Her professionalism is complemented by her thoroughness and work ethic. Sophia is also kind and goes beyond and then some to help her clients. Despite having closed over a month ago, Sophia is still helping us through challenges with the Property Management company!


~ Harry H. - 1031 Exchange Tenants Occupied

As a Santa Clara County attorney, I have sought Sophia Delacotte's advice on real estate transactions. Sophia has consistently given me the best advice. I highly recommend Sophia for her outstanding negotiation skills, superior knowledge of the real estate market, devotion to her clients' best interests, superior results”.


~ Michel R. - Lawyer

Sophia is dedicated to each of her clients, helping us to understand the process and setting up the schedule for all elements of preparing the house, publicity preparation and marketing, staging, photography, and open houses. She made recommendations regarding what upgrades to the property would be beneficial and which would not. She scheduled meetings with us and with the inspectors and followed up on each item. I have just noted the 102 emails we exchanged through this process. Even while on a short vacation out of the country, Sophia made time to coordinate the things that needed to be done to review and accept an offer. I would definitely recommend Sophia Delacotte to friends.


~ Phil C. - Trustee Sale

My dear friends needed my help to sell their investment property in San Jose and I'm a realtor in San Diego. I reached out to Sophia and she was very responsive and promptly reached out to my friends and helped them navigate through the sale of their investment property. Sophia is very professional, knowledgeable and hardworking! Sophia is simply the best when it comes to communications with all parties from beginning all the way to closing. Will absolutely refer all my Bay Area friends and family to Sophia for their Real Estate needs.


~ Jennifer W. - 1031 Exchange

Sophia is simply the best from the beginning all the way to closing. Very professional, knowledgeable and hard working! Enjoyed selling our house with Sophia!


~ Mo Y. - Seller

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Sophia’s help. The property – a condo in downtown San Jose – needed to be sold quickly. Despite HOA litigation and adversarial market conditions, Sophia quickly and professionally arranged for the condo to be cleaned, staged and shown. Sophia also made sure the condo took center stage on Redfin and Zillow. Within just a few days, the condo had garnered thousands of views on various real estate sites. In no time at all we had a number of interested buyers and investors making inquiries. In record time, Sophia negotiated a great price and skillfully closed the deal. I would highly recommend Sophia for any real estate transaction in the Bay Area.


~ Andrew E. - Sale In Connection With a Divorce

Sophia is an amazing realtor. Because of her years of experience, her knowledge of the laws and her high work ethics, she simplified our part in selling our property in a very short amount of time. She is totally engaged in her clients welfare and takes on the majority of the work. She is a delightful, caring person and an absolute jewel to work with. She made this selling process so easy for us. Sophia is exceptional in her field. We are so grateful to have had her as our agent.


~ Diana S. - Trustee Sale

Sophia was amazing to work with. Because of her years of experience in Real Estate and Law, she made the sale of our property so easy. She provided us with needed resources and guided us through all the necessary steps. Sophia is totally committed to us with daily update communication. She is very organized, driven and a true professional. She has a charming personality and made us feel secure in all our decisions. We are very grateful that we found her thru Yelp when we needed to sell our property fast.


~ Am N. - Trustee Sale

I have known and worked with Sophia for several years. She is hard working, smart, and knows exactly what needs to get done. You and your family would be fortunate to have her on your side.


~ Steve M. - Sale Tenants Occupied Property

We were very pleased with our relationship with Sophia and the overall outcome. When we found out we had to sell our house quickly we began to search for who we connected with but also who was best qualified. We connected with Sophia due to her no nonsense approach, attention to detail, availability and her great understanding of the legals that surround the sale of a home. While doing all that she was very pleasant and personable. I would use Sophia again and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thank you Sophia!


~ Ben C. - Relocation

An excellent person for your real estate needs. Sophia felt like family and had very positive ideas during the remodeling stages that we incorporated into the final sale. She is a hard working agent and replied almost immediately to our inquiries. We had no problems and the final sale was in a matter of a few weeks once listed. We highly recommend her for your property.


~ Stephen G. - Sale Investment Property

Smart, efficient, capable, honest, hardworking are just a few of the descriptions that come to mind to describe the amazing service provided by Sophia. She goes above and beyond expectations to be of assistance to her clients.


~ Linda S. - Probate Sale

Sophia is wonderful! She helped us find the perfect buyer for our bizarrely beautiful house. She made the whole process such an easy affair and made sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed so that the sale went more smoothly than I ever imagined would be possible.


~ Darrel B. - Relocation

Sophia is The Best. Professional, Ethics and Result oriented, Look nowhere else and get in touch with Sophia. My family is very proud to have worked with her and she delivered more than expected. We learnt so much and are thankful to her. We Wish Sophia the Best.


~ O. V. - Investor

Sophia helped my mother sell her house , while also helping her with overwhelming circumstances. Her sales strategy was impressive, and got my mother way more than she ever thought. She then helped her find a new house , perfect for her. All the while personally helping her with trying circumstances. This woman has the patience of a saint ! Her skills , integrity, knowledge, sincerity, and incredibly endearing personality would serve anyone looking to buy or sell ,or honorary member of the family for that matter. She's that good. Would not only recommend her, but go out of my way to steer someone her way. You simply cannot go wrong with Sophia.


~ Wally P. - Trustee Sale

Sophia is the most amazing Real Estate professional I have ever seen in action. She puts her client's interests first and goes to incredible lengths - above and beyond what one would expect. I am an attorney and have been practicing for over 25 years and have worked with and observed many Realtors over the years. Sophia is head and shoulders above the rest. Her care, attention to detail, and whole person approach are outstanding. She is the best that I have ever seen.


~ David B. - Trustee Sale

Sophia has been my agent twice, one time to sell and the other to buy. Thanks to her skills and experience, she was able to help us through each step of the process and get us great deals. I particularly appreciated her proactive attitude to get things done, and her amazing attention to details to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Each time we also got praise from the other parties about her professionalism.


~ Julien R. - Sale Investment Property

Sophia has gone above and beyond in regards to helping my wife and I find a new home for our expanding family. She is very informative in all aspects of buying a home! I highly recommend her!


~ Josh M. - Investor

Working with Sophia was a great experience. She is not only a trustworthy person, but she also always had my best interest in mind. She showed me various condos and explained the pros and cons of all properties which made my decision to choose the right condo easier. She constantly followed up with all the parties involved to make sure the home buying process went smoothly. This is evidenced by the fact that we closed right on time! She even made sure all the repairs were completed to my condo before I moved in. I would recommend Sophia to anyone who wants a realtor that will fight for them every step of the way.


~ Sean M. - First Time Home Buyer

I worked with Sophia Delacotte several times of the last 18 months. She sold my home with suave and suggested some another great agents remotely for my relocation. There was: honest and frequent communication; clear expectations; and fairer than average rates from the start; no sandbagging; a watchful eye and excellent management of all aspects of the process and contracts. Other realtors in the last decade had really left me with a negative opinion of agents, but Sophia made a name for herself and removed my bias. I'm also glad for Sophia's eagle-eye for legal trouble, so when it came to here recommendations for covering ourselves, I followed them without hesitation. Suggestions on what needed fixed, and encouragement for transparent disclosures is important in California. Buying and/or selling a home can stressful, but it was fun with Sophia for myself and my family


~ Kyle B. - Relocation

Sophia Delacotte is thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. She assisted me with the sale of my townhouse in San Jose. It sold after one open house, and I received multiple offers. Sophia screened all of the offers and recommended the offers which would close with the least amount of hassles or surprises. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. With her legal background, she is a strong and effective advocate for your side of the transaction. Sophia always kept me in the loop, was clear with what she needed, and the timing of the response to what she needed. She is a pleasure to work with, responsive, and committed to making the entire process go as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend Sophia and would definitely work with her again in the future.


~ Bonnie B. - Relocation

Sophia has been very professional throughout the process of my house purchase. She was very patient as I was quite particular about what I want with the budget I have. Sophia was also very helpful and very knowledgeable. She is a very good realtor.


~ Jackson T. - Investor

When we met Sophia for the first time, on a Sunday afternoon, we were immediately struck by her professionalism and competence. With skill and patience, she navigated us through the complex and confusing steps of getting pre-approved for a loan, viewing the house, putting down an offer, and learning when to walk away. As first-time home owners, we were nervous and uncertain. Sophia gave us invaluable advice and encouragement during the ups and downs, and her knowledge of the real estate business and housing market always led us in the right direction. One of our favorite things about having her as our agent was that she made herself constantly available. She met with us every weekend for three months to check out houses we liked, and she was always savvy about the state of the house and what might appear on the disclosures. She struck the perfect balance between giving advice and allowing us to form an opinion ourselves.


~ Maria J. - First Time Home Buyer

Sophia was a dream to work with. She handled a very difficult short sale for my wife and I. Without her help we would have been lost. She was a great negotiator and partnered with us to help explain every piece of paper that we had to sign as well as assisting us gather proper documents an information all the parties needed. I can't recommend her more highly.


~ Nate M. - Short Sale

Sophia helped my wife and I during our house search this summer. She was incredibly diligent, honest and forthright. Unlike a typical agent she actually advised us against couple of houses due to issues she discovered in the disclosures (she reads every word). As first time buyers we were easily seduced by appearances but Sophia kept us grounded! Definitely look forward to working with her again and would definitely recommend her services to friends.


~ Sarang R. - First Time Home Buyer

Sophia has a sign in her office which reads "tenacity" which describes her commitment to her clients and her ability to follow through on a transaction. She's a great (full time!) agent to work with, and as a first time home buyer. I can't express how important it was to have her by our side to help us every step of the way. She's straight-forward (former lawyer), and french (former Parisian city girl), which only adds to her charm. Beyond her great work ethic, she conducts herself by the book with an uncommonly high degree of professionalism. Sophia will look out for your interests, and protect your privacy. While I'm happy to have a home (thanks Sophia!), my wife and I will miss having her as our agent.


~ Stephen R. - First Time Home Buyer

I am so thrilled that I chose Sophia Delacotte to handle the sale of my condo. Having had my first sale fall through two years ago at the fault of my realtor and title company, I was very nervous about going through the process again.Sophia’s confidence and ability was unwavering. She is very thorough and detailed, and her great follow-through skills assured me that nothing would slip by unnoticed.Everything went smoothly with the sale, even with my many unconventional secondary loans. Escrow closed on time, and I received my funds quickly. I would recommend Sophia to anyone buying or selling a home.


~ Radel S. - Seller

I was a first time home buyer in the US market, and Sophia has been fantastic helping me understand the whole process. I am so glad I hired her as my agent. She made every step go really smoothly and I have now found my dream house in the Bay area! She has been very responsive and quick to react when I needed offers to be put together. I strongly recommend Sophia for a Bay area acquisition, especially for non US citizens who are not familiar with local practices.


~ Sylvie B. - First Time Home Buyer

Sophia Delacotte is thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful. She assisted me with the sale of my condo. The condo sold after one open house, and I received multiple offers. Sophia screened all of the offers and recommended the offers which would close with the least amount of hassles or surprises. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. With her legal background, she is a strong and effective advocate for your side of the transaction. Sophia always kept me in the loop, was clear with what she needed, and the timing of the response to what she needed. She is a pleasure to work with, responsive, and committed to making the entire process go as smoothly as possible. I highly recommend Sophia and would definitely work with her again in the future.


~ Laurie O. - Seller

I had to sell my house fairly quickly because of a move and imminent wedding. Sophia proved to be the best choice I could have made. She was extremely resourceful and guided me expertly through paperwork and expectations. The house sold after only two open houses, and we received multiple offers. I was also very satisfied with the price obtained. In addition, she made the whole process as painless as can be. Sophia provided very solid support, and her legal background was very helpful to navigate the documents required. I was glad she was on my side! I highly recommend Sophia Delacotte as your real estate agent.


~ Yves E. - Relocation

It was wonderful having Sophia help my mother sell her house. She went above and beyond our expectations, and was very patient when addressing my mother’s concerns, making the process as smooth as possible. The house sold on the first open house, and we received multiple offers. Sophia screened all offers to make sure the one we chose would close without any surprises. I highly recommend Sophia to anyone needing a great realtor.


~ Phil R. - Relocation

We used Sophia again this Spring as we had to move to reduce my commute. Sophia not only helped us to sell our house in record time but also was very diligent in managing the multiple offers market - she carefully analyzed all the options and helped us dot the i's and cross the t's with choosing the right offer and family. When it came to finding our new home Sophia pulled out all the stops to ensure we got the home we wanted. Sophia built a strong relationship with the selling agent and ensured that our interests were protected. Staying up late into the night negotiating she secured the home we were looking for. Sophia also advised us throughout the process and made sure we did not just settle on any home - someone we can rely on with strong values a great work ethic and her customers interests being number 1.


~ Amin D. - Buyer

We have Sophia as our realtor for close to 3 years and think she is really awesome. She makes it a point to understand our needs and gives us good advice on the market swings and how to offer on the properties that we were interested in. She doesn't push us and respect our thoughts and looks out for us. She always makes time to see us even if it is at the very last minute and helps us through the whole process from inspecting the house and seeing if it fits our needs and personality, to thoroughly asking the buyer's realtor and being absolutely professional in giving a good image to the seller and his/her agent. We bought our new home in 2014. Sophia stayed with us throughout the whole process till escrow was completed and was always still available to help us after.She is well connected and referred us to a great loan agent who gave us the best interest rate and helped us close in 14 days. We will definitely ask her to assist us again if we are going to buy or sell in the future.


~ Stan A. - Buyer

Sophia is the kind of person who makes your house dream come true. That was our case. Sophia listens to you and suggests places that work for you. She tailors time and resources for your special needs. Since we met her the house hunting was accurate and in a few weeks we were able to bid and get our dream house. After many years of house ownership, my wife and I feel very lucky we met her.


~ Angelo M. - First Time Home Buyer

It's really hard to find an agent who is looking out for you and your needs. Sophia cares for her clients deeply and understands what we want. She will go above and beyond to assist us in meeting the deadlines and helps us with understanding the intricacies of offering and the market trends.


~ Surt A. - Buyer

Sophia Delacotte was the selling agent for our home in San Jose, California in September 2013. We were in contract for the sale in about three weeks. Sophia was a consummate professional from our first meeting, to our open house and through to our move out of state. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and, with her legal background, a strong and effective advocate for your side of the transaction. She is also a pleasure to work with, very responsive and is committed to making the entire process as stress free as possible. I highly recommend Sophia as an agent who is head and shoulders above most others in the profession. I feel we were fortunate indeed to have had her as our agent.


~ Kathy D. - Relocation

Because of Sophia's clever strategy we made our offer sight unseen. We are now the proud owners of a Condominium. Because of her tireless efforts she made the whole process seamless. Thank you Sophia for all your hard work!!


~ Margie A - Investor

Sophia made my short sale purchase as easy as it could be. Honest, tough, does what you ask. I was very pleased. She Made sure I had all the right inspections to protect myself.


~ Paul B. - Foreclosure Purchase

As a mortgage originator for over 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of real estate professionals. Sophia is actively involved with the purchase from the time of pre-approval to closing. However, it does not end there. She maintains a business relationship with her clients and is there to assist with any needs from service providers to home information. Her clients are her priority and they are fortunate to have such a fine professional representing them.


~ Camille D. - Buyer Loan Officer

Great advice , incredibly efficient! Sophia successfully guided us to buy a house in a very competitive market, and helped manage the transaction every step of the way. You'll want her on your side!


~ Caroline M. - First Time Home Buyer

I have found Sophia to be a thorough, ethical, and extremely competent real estate professional. Her knowledge of this challenging real estate market and her passion to advocate for her clients is remarkable. I have worked with many realtors and I count Sophia at the very top of her profession. I have complete confidence that if you are looking for a no-nonsense real estate professional, you will find one in Sophia Delacotte.


~ Marc A. - Relocation

Sophia is the most honest, ethical and loyal realtor I have ever worked with. To this day, I remember her telling me that if the sale wasn't in my best interest, she wouldn't feel comfortable representing me. It was very refreshing to know that the client's best interest was her foremost concern. She stands by her clients from the beginning of the process until the ink is dry on the final document, and follows up after the sale to ensure no hidden obstacles have emerged. She is diligent in her efforts to manage the process of a home sale with all parties involved. She keeps her clients informed every step of the way and works tirelessly to forge a positive outcome. Sophia is also like a member of the family. She displays a true and genuine concern for the welfare of her clients and displays this not merely through words but through her actions. Without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor that is transparent, ethical, and a true professional.


~ Greg Z. - Short Sale

Sophia is very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. The short Sale process is confusing and worrisome but Sophia was able to help me navigate the paperwork, deadlines and legal jargon. She was respectful, responsive and most importantly, she delivered results! I recommend her.


~ Ann A. - Short Sale

I will relocate with my family from Europe to Silicon Valley in summer 2012. Early in my quest to find a home, I was very fortunate to identify and work with Sophia Delacotte, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker in Almaden San Jose. Her help has been invaluable every step of the way from presenting our offer to the close of escrow a few months later. She has been remarkably helpful in particular with regards to dealing with all financial complexities attached to a cross border transaction. Thanks to an amazing sense of attention to details, she masterfully coordinated the entire transaction with all stakeholders and parties involved and made us feel completely safe about buying our first home in the USA. She has clearly exceeded all my expectations and provided a level of service largely beyond the call of duty of a regular real estate agent. I highly recommend Sophia to anyone looking to make a real estate investment in the Bay Area.


~ Nadia K. - Relocation

My wife and I met Sophia socially, and she offered to advise us in our search for investment property in another city. Since then, she has been incredibly generous with her time, and has given us precious recommendations on what deals to go for, or run from. We are very grateful and wish her the greatest success.


~ Michel B. - Investor

Working with an agent like Sophia is like a breath of fresh air. She is diligent about providing information when requested and quick to respond to needs, or concerns. Her dedication to her transactions, from beginning to end, helps to insure quick and timely closings.


~ Heather C. - Investor

Sophia helped us purchase our first home, she was patient and addressed all our concerns. She's very responsive and I couldn't have picked a better real estate agent. She is the best!!!


~ Sal C. - First Time Home Buyer

Sophia is a straight shooter. I learned very quickly that it is of essence to have a Realtor who is bullish and will help you get what you need. Sophia was always keeping us in the loop, very clear with what she needed, the timing of it and the why she needed it piece. The short sale process if very confusing and frustrating for a buyer and yet she seemed to make it as seamless as possible. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to sell!


~ Cindy L. - Short Sale

We met Sophia at an Open House and immediately clicked with her. We have worked together for several months now on various property and development projects. As her clients, we find her exceedingly smart, dependable, and thorough. On our very first collaboration with Sophia, she worked long and hard, carrying us through every detail. She had our back the entire time so we had peace of mind throughout. She's a real pleasure to work with; any client would be lucky to have her in their camp


~ Nora N. - Investor

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